Fire at Kaloum: to face up pollution, the government recommends…

Since the announcement of the fire that occured at the central fuel depot in Guinea in the night of December 17 to December 18, 2023, reactions keep increasing from the government. While concerns keep increasing, measures to limit the impact of the smoke coming out of the fire on the health and environment have been taken by the government.

Speaking on the Guinea national TV this December 19, 2023, minister Ousmane Gaoual DIALLO, spokesperson of the government, announced important measures taken to that effect. These measures include the wearing of masks, restriction of access to the site, etc.

In his declarations, minister Ousmane Gaoual DIALLO ordered people living in the Kaloum commune to wear masks for their well-being.  He justified his recommendation by the fact that there is a heavy presence of carbon diozyde in the air.

Even though the fire seems under control thanks to the efforts of firefighters, the government, through its spokesperson, call on the population to be more vigilant.

It is noteworhty that this decision comes at a time when reports mention 18 people who have died, several wounded and significant material damage.

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