Kindia : nature regains life at the former Yogontamba quarry

Yogontamba is a classified forest since colonial times. Unforutnately, this area has been turned into a quarry by some artisanal operators. This has devastated the major part of the quarry in the full view of everyone. To date, thanks to the minister of environment Louopou LAMAH, this naturel place has started rising from the ashes.  

It was during a governmental immersion in Kindia in 2022 that the minister of environment and sustainable development, Louopou LAMAH visited the site to notice how damaged it was. During this immersion, the minister decided, for urgentes reasons, to restrict access to the Yogontamba quarry, located in the district of Koliadi 2.

Wishing to preserve this ecosystem threatened to disappear, she instructed communal authorities to restore this classified forest, which used to be 70 hectare-wide in 1945. These instructions seem having been observed on the site. One year later, nature has started regaining life in Yogontamba.

The prefectoral director of the environment in Kindia, Fara KAMANO, keeps an eye on this area, now protected. " No one has the right to extact sand or gravel from this site. Recently, a road building company wanted to extract laterite from this site, but I did not allow them to do so. This forest has been a classified forest since colonial times", said Fara KAMANO, the Kindia prefectoral director of the environment.

The closing of the Yogontamba quarry pushes some citizens of Koliadi 2 to practice alternative actitivities. Interviewed this morning at the crossroads of the Yogontamba quarry, a man, who wished to speak anonymosly, said that he is now driving a pubic transport moto bike against his will. He had been working in the resctricted quarry since his young age.

The Yogontamba quarry, closed until further notice, has been replanted with trees and greenery imoses itself slowly. The noise of machinery is only a remote memory for the citizens living close-by.

From Kindia, Ibrahima sory Traore 

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