Kindia: alleged embezzlement of 83 million Guinean francs in mining royalties

The rural commune of Samaya has been in turmoil since Thursday, December 7, 2023. The cause? Some local citizens are pointing an accusing finger at the mayor for misappropriating public funds. It should be pointed out that the demonstrators have no intention of stopping there, as many of them are demanding his departure at all costs.

Carrying placards reading “Down with the mayor” and “No to embezzlement”, Samaya's demonstrators turned out in force to express their discontent.

On a public space in the locality, the sub-prefectural director of youth of Samaya denounced in a firm tone the opaque management of mayor Abdoulaye Marie Camara at the head of the rural commune for 5 years now.

“We have made representations to the Kindia authorities regarding the opaque management of the mayor of the rural commune of Samaya, Abdoulaye Marie Camara. The mining royalty estimated at more than 83 million Guinean francs from the CBK was embezzled by the mayor”, declared Mohamed Lamine Camara, Samaya subprefectural youth director (DSPJ).

Abdoulaye Marie Camara has headed the rural commune of Samaya for 5 years. According to his detractors, he has not built any basic social infrastructure. That's why they are now calling for him to step down.

"We are the mayor's advisors. But we don't know the budget allocated to our commune. The mayor is the only one who manages the money. We're asking the authorities to find a replacement for him," said Elhadj Ibrahima Camara, president of the Dantoumaya district.

A number of angry demonstrators attempted to close down the mayor's office, but were prevented from doing so by the local politician's pros. The conflict resulted in 2 injuries. Meanwhile, the young mayor, Abdoulaye Marie, has so far refrained from commenting on the situation.