Kindia: Koliadi 2 district chief deems superficies tax derisory

This is not news to anyone. The Koliadi 2 sand quarry is the most heavily exploited in Kindia. It is also coveted by some of the Guinean capital's builders. Despite this, its operation has not changed the lives of the communities affected.

The head of the Koliadi 2 district has just thrown a paving stone into the pond: "We benefit from the superficies tax. We benefit from the superficies tax, but it's very minimal. The distribution key is weak and doesn't cover our needs", complained Facinet Camara.

None of Koliadi 2's basic social infrastructure is the work of the quarry. The neighborhood streets are without asphalt. The quarry road is littered with potholes and cracks.

The reaction of Soriba Kouyaté, Prefectural Director of Mines and Geology in Kindia, was swift. He told the president of the district council: "Before, the commune took 70% of the quarry revenues. The community at the grassroot level should have 25%, but they weren't getting that. It was the neighborhood chiefs who were steeling the money. The commune now gets 25%. The neighborhood or district affected will get 10%", declared the Prefecture's head of mines.

Further on, the Prefectural Director of Mines and Geology in Kindia added that all revenues used to be managed by the commune, and the mining fund earned nothing. They only put crumbs in the envelopes. His arrival at the head of Kindia's Prefectoral Directorate of Mining and Geology changed all that. He succeeded in getting things back on track by complying with the mining code.

Every day, several trucks transport tons of sand. These rolling machines and the sand quarry operators pay taxes. But, unfortunately, these revenues are still not enough to change the image of Koliadi 2, as the living conditions of the local population keep deteriorating.

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