Kindia : a conflict around the management of the gravel quarry in Koba Pastoria

Located about ten kilometers away from Kindia town, the new Koba Pastoria gravel quarry is in the sights of the communal authorities.

Municipal officials intend to appoint a new manager at the quarry, which has been out of the control of the town council since it began operating six months ago. A complex situation that causes misunderstandings between the communal authorities and the quarry workers.

Yaya Sylla has been the first person to exploit the quarry, but he is about to lose his position as the quarry manager. "I was the only one to start exploiting this quarry with the agreement of landowners and the head of district of Koba. I was the one who discovered the quarry during the rainy season. There was no road here. I cleared the access road with the help of my son. Today, the authorities are asking me to leave my title to another person pretending that I am unable to claim GNF 30 000 from workers for every loaded truck", said Yaya SYLLA.

The first worker of the Koba Pastoria gravel quarry is very emotially attached to his mine, even thgouth his replacement is looming to the horizon. "I remain emotially attached to the quarry, although I cannot work as before. I am old now", said Yaya SYLLA who will be replaced in the next few hours.

The Koba Pastoria quarry workers work in harsh conditions. Some spend three days before getting a full truck load, and extract the gravel using their bare hands.

Met this morning, Aboubacar Soumah did not hesitate to tell his disarray regarding the decision of municipal authorities. "The commune want impose on us a law that will not serve our interests. They are asking us to pay GNF 30 000 for every gravel truck load sold. We also pay GNF 15 000 to landowners. We sell a truck load for GNF 200 000. So, it will be difficult for us to pay GNF 30 000", said Aboubacar SOUMAH.

Based on the information we received, the new Koba Pastoria quarry manager will be presented to the workers this Thursday.  

It should be noted all attempts from us to reach out to theKindia mining and geology director have remained vain.

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