Cracks in buildings at Kodiaran (Mandiana): the community blames SMM
During a recent visit by the Attorney General to the
Kindia: the prefectural director of the environment warns of the dangers of carbonization
The citizens of Kindia are currently facing an intolerable heatwave.
Kindia: SENAMSCO, Minister Guillaume Hawing discusses school drop-out rates in mining areas
National School Merit Week was officially launched nationwide this Wednesday,
Siguiri: the degradation of Sêkê Oudoula’s only watercourse sparks controversy
This watercourse, called Mayeinket in Sêkê Oudoula, is the only
Friguiabge/Kindia: the mayor clarifies the management of mining royalties
Located 15 km from the town of Kindia, the rural
Kindia: ACEA very concerned by the threat of disappearance of spring heads
Many of Kindia's spring and river heads have been badly
Kindia: Koliadi 2 district chief deems superficies tax derisory
This is not news to anyone. The Koliadi 2 sand
Guinea: surreal tax exemptions in the mining sector reported by the CNT
At a plenary session held on Tuesday, December 26, 2023,
Kindia: alleged embezzlement of 83 million Guinean francs in mining royalties
The rural commune of Samaya has been in turmoil since
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