Kindia: authorities promote local content in Sougueta

In a bid to limit recurring conflicts in the various mining zones under its jurisdiction, the Kindia Prefectural Department of Mines and Geology organized a meeting this Wednesday, December 6, 2023 in Sougueta, aimed at raising community awareness of local content and corporate social responsibility.

The meeting, the first of its kind in this mining locality often troubled by demonstrations, brought together local authorities, youth representatives, women and elders from the rural communes of Linsan, Sougueta, Kolenten and Madina Oula.

Well aware of the stakes that often exist in the town's mining sector, Kindia's prefect took the opportunity to invite the population and mining companies to work together in perfect collaboration.

Colonel Abdel Kader Mangue Camara, Prefect of Kindia, said: “It is extremely important to avoid any future problems for communities or companies that come to exploit our locality, this is why I invite the inhabitants of the localities affected and the companies to remain in the spirit of union and observe peace.”

Taking the floor, the Acting Prefectural Director of Mines began by justifying the choice of Sougueta as the site for the first stage of this vast program, before outlining the aim of this important meeting.

“Sougueta is the epicenter of mining companies in Kindia, four (4) mining companies will soon start mining in the locality. There are a lot of problems here. Sougueta was recently shaken up by the community, which isn't really aware of the local content that we're in the process of popularizing through the national local content department of the Ministry of Mines and Geology. We've come to raise awareness among the communities affected by the various mining companies operating in Kindia, especially in the Madina Oula, Sougueta, Kolenten and Linsan areas”, said Soriba Kouyate.

On the other hand, this life-saving action is greatly appreciated by several stakeholders, such as the first vice-mayor of Kolenten, who expressed his satisfaction.

"We welcome this initiative. Communities need to know the Guinean mining code and local content. We're going to get hold of this local content, which will be a breviary for us. We've had enough unsuccessful meetings with Elite Mining Guinée," explained Mohamed Maze Keita, first vice-mayor of the rural commune of Kolenten.

After the sub-prefecture of Sougueta, which was the starting point for the awareness raising campaigns on local content planned for the mining areas of Kindia, several meetings of this kind have been announced by the local authorities in other localities impacted by the various mining projects.