Cracks in buildings at Kodiaran (Mandiana): the community blames SMM
During a recent visit by the Attorney General to the
Mandiana : several people arrested for illegal gold mining
After the visit of the public prosecutor of Kankan, the
Mandiana: the youth turn from gold panning to agriculture
The prefecture of Mandiana, located in Upper Guinea is known
Mandiana : prostitution, a disturbing reality in gold-mining sites
Mining areas in the Mandiana prefecture have become fertile ground
Mandiana : to protect the environment, charcoal producing women have turned towards market gardening
In the subprefecture of Kantoumanina, a locality where two activities
Mandiana : SMM accused of degrading the road between Kodiaran and Koromadou
The road between Kodiaran and Koromadou, in the Mandiana prefecture
Mandiana : two dead bodies found in a gold mine
Mamoudou Condé and Toumboutou Condé, aged 4 and 3 respectively,
Mandiana: SMM recruitment office dissolved by the prefect
An imbroglio between the citizens of the Kodiaran sub-prefecture and
Mandiana: the harsh reality of life for gold-panning women in Kodiaran
The sub-prefecture of Kodiaran, 25 kilometers from Mandiana, is an
Mandiana : gold is not “shining” for female gold panners
Small-scale or artisanal gold mining is commonly regarded as a