Mandiana : SMM accused of degrading the road between Kodiaran and Koromadou

The road between Kodiaran and Koromadou, in the Mandiana prefecture faces a worrying situation. In fact the local population is accusing the mining company, SMM of degrading its road, because of the regular circulation of its heavy trucks.

This is worrying situation for the inhabitants of the two villages, as the degradation their orad directly affects their daily life. The road is more and more difficult to travel on and vehicles under damage due to the state of the road. This also has an impact on the local economic developmentm because merchandise and farming products transport is getting more and more complicated and expensive.

According to Bourlaye Konaté,  the president of Kodiaran farmers, heavy trucks that transport mining materials are often overloaded and this aggravates the degradation of the road. "The Société Minière de Mandiana (SMM) refuses to repair the road all of its heavy trucks use this road. It is true that the road was not in a good state, but the road had never been so degradred before the company started its operations here. They are lacking good will so much so that they have opened a new road that goes through the Kodiaran mine all the way to Loïla. Here also, they have left the 18 kilometer-long road between Kodiaran and Koromadou, but go go straight from to Loïla where they have their plant. This road also is well scraped. All of thsi (behavior) is the fault of our leaders. Hox come that a mining company can operate in a locality and refuse to repair the road of that locality?", he asked.

After several unfruitful claims with the company to scrape this road, Oumar Konaté, member of the Kodiaran youth board calls upon the the transitional authorities "Let the transitional authorities help us if the Société Minière de Mandiana that exploits our mineral resources refuses to do so. We have decided not to assault a mining mining operating in our locality. However, we cannot accept that a company uses our roads and refuses to repair them. President Mamadi DOUMBOUYA and his government need to alleviate the hardship faced by village residents", he indicated.

Interviwed in a public transport vehicle, Fadima Diakité did not mince her words to denounce the injustice faced by the villages of Koromodou since the Société Minière de Mandiana started its operations. "This company doe not bring us much honestly. The villages of Konadou are left out to the benfit of other villages where the company operates. To get anything, our youth have to revolt. We cannot continue in this violence. They left out Kodiaran,  Komana, and Koromadou in their plan to repair roads. From the exit of Koromadou, the road is well built all the way to Koundian. Why can't we have such benefits?", she said.

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