Siguiri : the statistics of mine collapsing released by the local Red Cross

The Siguiri prefecture is well known for being the town where mine collapsing kills most in Guinea, according to the local Red Cross.  

This year, the death toll caused by mine collapsing, in spite the fact that artisanal mining was banned for some time, remains still high according to the local Red Cross, which has a team in each mining site within the Siguiri prefecture and subprefectures.  

To date, 791 people have been reported involved in a series of mine collapsing in 2023 in the Siguiri prefecture. At Kintinian, 55 mine collapsings were registered causing 135 wounded and 239 dead. In the Doko subprefecture, 47 mine collapsings were registered, leaving 89 wounded and 197 dead in 2023. In Franwalia, the Red Cross registered 10 mine collapsings with 30 wounded and 18 dead. In the mine of Siguirini, 6 mine collapsings were registered leaving 17 people wounded and 12 dead. In Gnagassola, another subprefecture of Siguiri, 7 mine collapsings were registered with 33 people wounded and 12 killed. In Maleah also, three mine collapsings occurred, wounding four people and killing five.

During in 2023, the Red Cross in the Siguiri prefecture registered 128 mine collapsings causing the 309 wounded and 483 dead within the Siguiri prefecture and sourrinding areas.

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