Conakry : marine pollution in Kaporo, local residents outraged, call upon the state

In Guinea, several sea inlets are nowadays threatened by plastic waste or other types of waste causing foul odors. In the district of Kaporo for instance, this phenomenon, which is on the increase, is, according to several sources, caused by some citizens who ususally dump household garbage mainly made of plastic waste. A real threat that concerns many people and fuels debate.

The appearance of all sort of waste on the different beaches and sea shores in Conakry is not a new phenomenon. However, in recent years, this phenomenon has reached unsual heights. Like other beaches in Conakry, we see all kinds of household garbage dumped on the sea shores of Kaporo, despite measures taken by the directorate and other authorities of the local fishing port to improve the situation. "We are fed up with these wastes; we regularly clean the sea shore and recently forbade the dumping of waste here, but our fellow citizens keep coming to dump waste here. You can scare children away, but not adults. We urge the state to take measures to help us get rid of these foul odors", said MLD, a local resident.

In the same vein, Larial Ciré SOUMAHA tells her desapoinment with the situation. "We are fed up with these wastes. It is for lack of alternatives that we work here, else, the air we breath is polluted. Living near these wastes is not our wish, and we are aware of the dangers that this poses to our health. But, we are powerless. We ask the authorities to tackle the issue, we do not deserve this", complained Mariam Ciré SOUMAH, local fishmonger.

For Mohamed CAMARA, a local fisheman, the reality prevaling on the Kaporo sea shores impacts their activity. "When there is much waste dumped into sea, this will impact fishermen as the fish avoid coming into areas with much waste. This has an impact on our activities. We seize this opportunity to call upon the state. We have no means to prevent people from dumping waste here, but the state does. We ask them to help us", said Mohamed CAMARA, a local fisher.

When asked how waste is managed at the port and sea sores, the Kaporo fishing port director said "At the beggining we had hired a small business that used to collect garbage here on a monthly basis, but given the expensiveness of the service, we could not keep the service going. Prior to the official opening of the port, we cleaned the sea shores that are now invaded by waste. Every time we clean the area, some local residents come, either late at night or in broaddaylight, to dump waste. Let me also point out that the waste invading the port and sea shore of Kaporo comes from other neighborhoods beyond our control. When we clean the area during the dry season, we have less issues, but during the rainy season, you know better than I do, some citizens dump waste into gutters that run into the sea or rivers, etc. We are concerned as well about the situation. We were expected to proceed with the cleaning of the area at this end of year, but due to the ongoing fuel crisis, we cannot do so", explained Ms Mahawa SACKO, director of the Kaporo fishing port.

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