Non-respect of local content: Chalco company shaken up by a walkout

The activities of the mining company Chalco are paralyzed by a walkout. Operating in the localities of Tamita and Lisso in the Boffa prefecture, Chalco is accused of trampling on the rules of local content. In this context, young people have erected barricades along the roads leading to the company's facilities to prevent the smooth running of its activities

This walkout led to the closure of the port of Chalco and the arrest of its conveyor. Speaking on Mosaiqueguinee, one of the leaders of the demonstration accused the prefect of Boffa of overstepping his role as arbitrator by playing the company's game.

"With all that has happened, our parents have understood that the prefect, instead of serving as a referee, is playing Chalco's game. We have decided to close all mining companies in Boffa starting tomorrow, this is the last decision taken because we have been on this for three days," explained Moustapha Kaba

As far as the company is concerned, it reacts through the voice of its deputy general manager. Sékou Tounkara maintains that the communities ignore what local content means. This is what, according to him, creates dissension between them and the company. "I think that this story of local content, people have made a song of it, but basically do not know exactly what local content is. Does local content mean that the company should only employ the locals or that subcontracts should only be awarded to them even if they don't have the required skills? What is local content? That is the question I am asking myself today. I have the impression that the issue of local content is not perceived in the same way by the communities, the companies and the State. We believe we are within the law. Now, it's normal for the community to have expectations, but sometimes you can't confuse private companies with the State. We cannot substitute ourselves for the State".

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