Nigeria hit by deadly floods

Nigeria has been hit by deadly floods with about three hundred (300) dead, over one hundred thousand (100,000) displaced and a total of about five hundred thousand people affected since the beginning of the year.

Nigeria is used to floods in general, but this year's flood has been the most damaging in the last ten (10) years. In addition to the human damage mentioned above, the floods also destroyed several thousand hectares of farmland, raising the spectre of famine in Africa's most populous country with a population of over two hundred million (200,000,000).

While these floods are attributable to this year's heavy rains, flooding of local rivers, and the overflow of water from the Lagdo hydroelectric dam (in neighboring Cameroon), it should be noted that the damage caused is also attributable to inadequate road infrastructure, the failure of the sewage system, and poor waste management.

It should be noted that these floods and other natural disasters are mainly the consequences of climate change, of which Africa, although less polluting, remains the continent that suffers the most from the consequences of climate change.

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