Kolaboui/Boké: WAP employees begin an unlimited strike to demand better working conditions

This Thursday, March 23, 2023, the union of employees of Winning Africa Port (WAP), one of the companies that make up the SMB Consortium located in Kolaboui in Boké, began an unlimited strike. This strike was triggered following a notice sent to the company's management some days before, but fell on deaf ears.

The workers are demanding improved living and working conditions, a demand that has gone unanswered for a long time. As a result, they decided to go on strike today, bringing activities to a complete halt at the port of Dapilon, the port of Katougouma, and the Moribaya port located in the Forecariah prefecture.

There were no protests at the site, and all workers present left their posts to go home. Trucks carrying bauxite no longer travel on the mining haulage road, which is now deserted. The union is clear in its demands: no work will be done until negotiations with the company's management have begun. However, they are open to all discussions to find a solution to the current situation.

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