Kindia : “When you have a license, you have to pay two taxes”, said Soriba Kouyate

The prefectoral director of mining and geology of Knidia took the stage this weekend to clarify the payment of taxes. In an interview with editorial team, Soriba Kouyaté said that operators have two taxes to pay.

"When you have a license, you hvae two taxes to pay. Quarry operators have to pay GNF 2 000 000 per hectare as superficiary tax every year".  

There is also a "sand exploitation tax", which is paid on a monthly basis", explained Soriba Kouyaté, the Kindia prefectoral director of mining and geology.

Further on, the Kindia prefectoral director of mines and geology explains that mining fund agents and those of the Kindia prefectoral directorate compile statistiques every day. The number of trucks leaving the site is known.

"Today, everbody knows taxes paid by operators. There are special taxes for large and small trucks. Everyone knows how much money we collect. We cannot steal and everything is written down", concluded the head of the Kindia mines", Soriba Kouyaté.

Good management of money collected through taxes could help Kindia back on its feets. Dusty, and degraded mining roads damage vehicles on a daily basis. Drivers complain everyday, hoping that their complains will be heard.

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