In a week, Guinea has exported more than two million tons of bauxite.

Guinean bauxite exports are increasing more and more. In the week of Feb. 6 through 12, 2 347 201 tons of bauxite were exported by six mining companies operating in the country.

According to the weekly report of the ministery of mines and geology, 18 ships were loaded in 6 different ore carrier ports of the country, and this allowed to export within seven days more than two million tons of bauxite.

The minining company, Société Minière de Boké, exported by itself 1 023 135 tons of bauxite while the CBG (Compagnie des bauxites de Guinée) exported 411 649 tons. The Société de Développement des Mines (CDM Chine), Chalco, the Compagnie de Bauxite de Dian-Dian (COBAD) and the Compagnie des Bauxites de Kindia (CBK) respectively exported 347 250 tons, 267 078 tons, 121 613 tons and 176 476 tons.

Why this increase in the Guinean bauxite exports ?

Guinean bauxite exports have been increasing for a few weeks. The main explanation behind this increase is the bauxite export ban decided by Indonesia in order to foster local processing of its bauxite. China, which is a great bauxite importer to produce alumina, used to import over 10% of its bauxite needs from Indonesia. To make up for this lack, China is now turning to Guinea.

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