Gold panning: deadly earth collapsing in Siguiri and Mandiana.

Days come after one another and look alike in auriferous areas in Guinea. Deadly tragedies keep occuring in these areas, where gold panning activities are major income generating activities. On Feb. 12 and Feb. 17, 2023, earth collapsing occurred respectively in the prefectures of Mandiana and Siguiri. These prefectures are located in the north-esthearn part of the country. The two tragedies resulted in the death of two people and several other wounded.

The first earth collapsing took place on Feb. 12 in Djôlôkô, a district belonging to the Dialakoro sub precture in the Mandiana prefecture. This first tragedy resulted in the death of Yaya Koulibaly, a young man around thirty who left behind a widow and two children. People who were wounded out of this tragedy were taken to the emergency department of the health care center in Dialakoro.

The second earth collapsing happened in the evening of Feb. 17, 2023. It was registered in Tatakourou, a district belonging to the sub-prefecture of Doko in the la prefecture of Siguiri. Reports talk about one dead and several wounded. The dead person was called Djènèbrama Magassouba.

The circumstances of theses two tragedies have not been clearly identified, but all suggest that one of the causes is the disproportionnate gold panning activity.

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