Friguiabge/Kindia: the mayor clarifies the management of mining royalties

Located 15 km from the town of Kindia, the rural commune of Friguiagbe is currently home to 2 localities affected by bauxite mining. These include : Camarabounyi and Koliagbe, which benefit from a large share of the mining royalties.

When interviewed by our correspondent on Saturday, the chief magistrate of the rural commune of Friguiagbe had no hesitation in speaking out. Ansoumane Dorty Keita was equally effusive.

"We don't give money to anyone. We make achievements. Giving someone money hand over fist is no good. The funds granted belong to all the communes of Kindia, but more precisely to the impacted areas. Camarabounyi and Koliagbe are mined by Rusal CBK. These impacted localities express their needs. Depending on the tax collected, we deliberate on this and invest the money there", said Ansoumane Dorty Keita, Mayor of the rural commune of Friguiagbe.

Continuing, the local councillor of Friguiagbe listed the many achievements of his team.

"When CBK paid the Kindia mining royalty, the rural commune of Friguiagbe got its share. We asked for the opinion of the areas affected. The people of Camarabounyi said they'd rather have another 3-classroom school. We carried out the project. They then asked for their locality to be electrified, and that's what we're doing now. The poles are starting to come out of the ground. The Gbinkili line is due to be drawn. In Koliagbe, a cultural center has been built and equipped for young people. These are funds that the CBK is giving to Kindia", explained Ansoumane Dorty Keita.

Below, the mayor proudly displays photos of projects completed by his team in the deliberation room.

The mismanagement of surface taxes often prompts young people in certain localities impacted by mining operations to demonstrate against those in charge, but in Friguiagbe, there's no noise about the management of mining royalties. The impacted areas are as calm as a calm sea.

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