Forécariah: SBG exports its first ton of bauxite

SBG (Société des Bauxites de Guinée) exported its first ton of bauxite through the port of Konta, in the Forécariah prefecture, on February 11, 2023. SBG mines its bauxite in Garafiri, within the region of Kindia.

By entering this phase of bauxite export and commercialization, SBG joins many companies operating in Guinea that mine and export this mineral used by several industries to produce alumina. Present in Guinea since 2016, SBG obtained its operating license in 2018 for the Garafiri bauxite deposit with a reserve of 300 million tons of bauxite. Since then, the company has been developing its mine but was delayed in producing and exporting its bauxite, on the contrary to its agreement with the Guinean State which stipulates the first ton of bauxite was to be exported in 2022.

An alumina refinery to process locally part of the production

With an investment of one billion four hundred million U.S. dollars, SBG plans to build an alumina refinery to process locally a large part of its bauxite production.

SBG is majority owned by the German company W.P Pals Holding, a subsidiary of Metalcorp, the metals and minerals arm of the multinational Monaco Resources Group. It plans to produce 8 million tons per year, of which 3 million tons will be exported and the remaining 5 tons will be used for local processing.

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