Siguiri : Société Aurifère de Guinée (SAG) complains about the invasion of its mining sites by local gold panners

The mining sites of SAG are invaded by thousands of young gold panners. A phenomenon regretted by the management of SAG. On Sunday night, March 13, 2023, the subprefectural directorate of the youth of Kintinian tackled the issue in a meeting they organized.

The objective of the meeting was to allow SAG, holder of a mining license, to operate safely. Hence, it was planned to conduct an awareness-raising campaign to bring local populations to stop invading the sites of the gold mining company.

"We are here today to talk about a situation of concern to everyone. It is about the invasion of the mining sites of SAG by gold panners. We demand them to stop, because this company is a common good. SAG is really important to Guinea in general and to Bouré (Siguiri) in particular. So let us do everything to keep this company here. Else, everyone will see the consequences of its departure. Foreigners and natives alike, let us protect this company", said Mamadou 2 Camara, the president of the youth of Kintinian.

SAG is one of the biggest gold mining companies in Guinea. For several years, the company is having difficulties living together with local communities who complain about not benefiting a lot from mining acitivities. Recently, the company and local communities signed an agreement wherein it was set forth that local communities could practice gold panning within the sites of the company one day out of seven. But, according to the management of the company, this agreement gets constantely violated by local communities who invade its mining sites everyday.

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