Siguiri : an earth collapsing in a gold mine left one dead and another one wounded in Bouré Sétiya

The earth collapsing occurred this Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024 at 1 PM, but the body of the deceased was only taken to the surface at 2 PM. It was in a gold mine called Sodianfai.

According to Mory Dibi Keita, representative of the local Red Cross, the victim got enaged to a second wife just two weeks ago. "We received a call informing us about the earth collapsing today at 1PM. We went to the spot and worked to take the body to the surface, and it was'nt until at 2 PM that we were able to do so. There were two of them in the pit. Unfortunately it is he who lost his life. He was married and father of a child, and got engaged to a second wife just two weeks ago, according to his family", added Mory Dibi Keita.

The wounded is being taken care of at the Siguiry prefectoral hospital. The deceased will be burried this Thursday.

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