Mines and energy: the first year of the ‘‘African Mining Law Weekend’’ will take place in April 2023, in Conakry.

The legal training and expertise institute (IFEJ) and the Guinean Bar are organizing from April 28 through April 30, 2023, the first event of the African Mining Law Weekend in Conakry. In partnership with the Guinean Chamber of Mines, the African Weekend on Mining Law is a yearly event that allows actors of the mining and energy sectors to discuss and come up with solutions to the major legal, economic issues linked to the research, development and exploitation of mining and energy resources (renewbale or fossile) of the African continent.

The first year of the event will bring together ministerial authorities, general directors, legal directors, lawyers, legal practionners, consultants, university lecturers and other mining and energy sectors professionals in Africa. It is also planned to visit a mining site and a networking space.

The African Mining Law Weekend will feature reknowned experts and specialists , according to the organizers. During the three days of the meeting, 15 topics will be developped through conferences, panels and training workshops. The topics are : the major economic and legal trends in the mining, oil and energy sectors in Africa, gouvernance and development strategies of state-owned companies in mining and hydrocarbons, local content in the mining and hydrocarbon sectors in Africa, relations between customs administrations and mining and oil companies: from customs advantages to customs disputes, pooling of infrastructures in mining and hydrocarbons, from hydrogen to electricity: legal issues for African projects, mining and oil taxation in Africa: state of play and major trends, governance and financing of national electricity companies in Africa, projects and power purchase agreements relating to solar energy, leasing and joint-venture contracts in the mining and oil sectors, mining and oil activities with regard to labor law requirements in Africa, local communities, human rights and development of extractive and energy projects in Africa, construction of liquefied natural gas terminals in Africa: legal and financial issues, arbitration, corruption and environmental protection involving mining and hydrocarbons, environment actors.

According to the organizers, over 300 participants, both Guineans and foreigners are expected to attent the event.

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