Guinean bauxite production keeps increasing with 2.6 million tons exported within a week.

Guinea, one of the largest bauxite exporters in the world, exported during the week of Apr. 3 through Apr. 9, 2023, 2,605, 622 tons of bauxite. The information is from statistics released on Apr. 14 by the Guinean ministry of mining and geology. Bauxite is used to produce alumina which, in its turn, serves to produce aluminum.

During the above mentioned time interval, 18 ships were loaded with 2,605, 622 tons of bauxite, hence confirming the rank of Guinea as the second largest bauxite producer in the world, after Australia. Bauxite is a reddish material containing alumina, which is a widely used material to fabricate aluminum-based products such as aluminum foil, electronic components, planes and cars.

Bauxite production and export are very important for the Guinean economy, yielding significant export revenues in foreign currency for the country. According to experts, Guinea has about one third of world bauxite reserves, making the country a key player in world of bauxite martket.

Despite the difficulties the country faces, namely in terms of governance and workers' rights respect, its bauxite production keeps incresing. The country bauxite production went from 20 million tons in 2016 to over 82 million tons in 2021, before decreasing to 72 million tons in 2022.

The increase in bauxite production is a good thing for Guinea's economy, but this should be done in a responsible and sustainable way, in guaranteeing the respect of workers and local communities' rights, and in an environmentally friendly way.

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