Control of mining projects in Guinea: GEMIC receives a mission from the ministry of mining

On March 28, 2023, Evergreen Mining Intelligence Company, a subsidiary of TBEA group received a monitoring and control mission from the National Service for the Coordination of Mining Projects (SNCPM) at its site in Santou within the subprefecture of Missira in the Télimélé prefecture. The objective of the mission was to monitor and control the progress of the company's mining project.

During the visit, led by Ibrahima Kalil KEÏTA, general manager of the National Service for the Coordination of Mining Projects, the general management of GEMIC had an exchange with the mission on technical aspects of the project. Subsequently, a guided tour was organized to visit the base camp and the mining road to learn about the progress of ongoing works.

The main observation is that the work of GEMIC is progessing and teams are mobilized to finalize building the last infrastructures. The company will start production in the coming months (this year 2023). Once in production, the company will offer many direct and indirect jobs, in addition to jobs already created .

The Chinese company got a mining license to exploit bauxite deposits of the Santou North Bloc and to conduct research on additional resources within the prefectures of Boké and Boffa. Within the framework of this agreement, the Chinese group will build an aluminium smelter with an annual capacity of 200 000 tons per year, a thermal power station which will producte 75 megawatts, along with a hydroelectric power plant in Amaria with a capacity of 300 megawatts.

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