Control of mining projects in Guinea: Dynamic Mining receives a visit of controllers from the ministry of mining.

On March 27, 2023, the National Service for the Coordination of Mining Projects (SNCPM) visited Dynamic Mining. The mission was led by the general director of the service, Ibrahima Kalil Keita, and was aimed at controlling technical aspects of the project, like work timeline, confirmed resources, disbursement plan, mineral reserves and capital expenditure.

In addition, the mission visited the mining road, the base camp and the port facility under construction. It should be noted that all of these infrastructures are under construction. The project has reached its maturity and is named "BON AMI". The first commercial production is planned for early 2024, and this will create a lot of opportuinites for the Guinean economy.

The visit of the National Service for Coordinating Mining Projects comes within the scope of the will of the Guinean state to closely monitor ongoing mining projects to ensure transparency and compliance with regards to existing standards.

Dynamic Mining is a branch of the Indian company Jaguar Overseas. With its "BON AMI" project, the company will produce export bauxite from surface mining. Then, a dedicated road will be used to haul bauxite to a river port, from where, barges will take it to a transhipment area. Finally, the bauxite will be shipped out using "Cape size" and "Panamax" vessels.

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