Bel Air Mining (BAM)

With a huge bauxite potential, Guinea is more and more attracting mining companies, among which we have Bel Air Mining.

Having signed its mining convention with the Guinean authorities on Feb. 1, 2016, Bel Air Mining is operating in the Boffa prefecture, close to the vacation hotel, Bel Air.

Owned up to 85% by Alufer (the remaining 15% belonging to the Guinean state), Bel Air Mining discovered its bauxite deposit in 2011. After having conducted all economic, environmental, social impact, and feasibility studies, the company launched its building operations in January 2017. In August 2018, it started bauxite production and reached commercial production in Feb. 2019.

However, nearly three years after starting production, the company faced challenges due to a "decline in bauxite prices, higher freight costs and oversuply in the market". This forced the company, led by acting general manager Jason Pierce, to 'temporarily" suspend its operations between May 2021 through late Feb. 2023, laying off its 311 employees and 895 subcontractors for operational reasons.

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